Maybe Someday I'll Walk Away And Say You Disappoint me

You Fucking Disappoint Me. Maybe You're Better Off This Way

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i'm drunk and i'm over IT. i've moved on to a better boy :] a man i should say. he's the sweetest fucking thing i've ever met in my life. aaahhh.

jameson, you rule my worlddd. <3


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Hopefully you've grown up a little from this. The 4th of july made you look like a child.

What is your problem? Me getting drunk that night had no effect on you and it didn't bother anyone else. Its not your place to bitch at me.

Your best friend died from choking on her vomit, then HER mother is holding a vomit bucket under you. Crying to ME about how she was scared. I guess it didn't bother anyone though, be selfish and think what you want but it's scary watching people you care about not even know where they are because they're so wasted.

im sorry i never meant to get that drunk. i drank too fast and hadnt eaten anything all day. and yeah i did learn from that. trust me. ive been taking a break from alcohol.

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