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those of you with your ears stretched....what is the easiest way to slide in 00g, double flared plugs? i bought some last night along with some tapers. tapers went in fine but i just can't get the double flared plugs in :( so i went on bmezine and also bought some 00g kaos.

i just want these fuckers in >:(

annywaayy i feel like maybe i should give a little update. nothing much has been going on. mainly working a lot and just hanging out. anthony is going to jamaica in a couple weeks so we're trying to go down the shore before he goes. what a lucky bastard i wish i was going to jamaica. i think we're also planning on going to dorney park sometime soon, so i'm excited about that.

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They are right fuckers to get in! You just have to keep at it.. use loadssss of lubrication!! xx

thaanks! i'm def gonna try that cause i reeally want them in<3

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