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hooray i have a job interview on monday as a pharmacy tech at cvs :]
i hate interviews they're so nervewracking but this one seems promising. the guy seemed really cool on the phone so i'm pretty excited. i really hope it works out cause i'm sick of having no money. i love being able to just go out and blow my money on clothes and i haven't been able to do that in 2 months >:O plus cause i have a blackberry my phone bill is more expensive and it's difficult to pay specially without a friken job.

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the phanatic will be there so maybe we could get pictures with him lol i'll try my best not to be scared of him but if he puts my head in his mouth theres no saying what i could do i just may scream LOL i'll be sure to wear my jersey no matter how cold it is haha

my life would then be complete if i could only meet him!

his belly dance kills me!

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