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So I might be going back to school. As of now, its a pretty good possibility. Jaime and I are gonna be in the same class for venipuncture. I'm so excited. It's only on Mondays for 4 hours starting January 24th til sometime in the beginning of May... I can't remember exactly when but I can't wait.
I've put in SO many applications all over the place and still haven't gotten any more call backs. Hopefully when I finish school they'll be able to help me find a job at a hospital.
Other than that, nothing much has been going on. My birthday was on the 2nd and Jaime and I got our hair done and went to dave and busters with Anthony, my brother and his friend. We drank yummy drinks an played shooting games all night it was fun.
This Friday I'm going to the bar for a little with Erin then meeting Jenni and the Tyler's for some drinking/cranium fun.

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Woo! Happy late bday! How old are you now?
And good luck with gettin a jobby. Its tough right now. :(

I'm 23:/ and old woman I am! Haha

I've had no luck with jobs... Fucking economy

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